Get a Casino Loyalty Bonus Just for Spending Your Money

It is evident that online casinos go to great lengths to bring in new members with all of their huge welcome offers and incentives. However, what many people do not realize is that they also want to keep their active members happy for as long as possible and this is precisely where casino loyalty bonus programs, such as the ones on this page of, come into play. There are many different ways in which these establishments provide such rewards, but they almost always spend like real cash and provide the receiver with a chance to win even more.

Some casino loyalty bonus programs award members points based upon the amount of money that they spend in a certain timeframe. Once that period of time has expired, the total number that were earned is tallied and the player receives a sum of cash based upon that amount. These points may also be awarded based upon the amount of money that was deposited or the amount that was lost, too. Different establishments have different rules so it is important to pay close attention to these in order to know what to expect.

In other cases, the casino loyalty bonus is provided in the form of a membership to a VIP program in which the member receives special treatment. For instance, while common users may receive only a 50% deposit match for the first payment each month, VIPs may get 75%, 100% or perhaps even 200% based upon the length of time they have done business with the venue and the amount of money they spend there. Many of these are tiered so that everyone, regardless of their budgets, has a chance to get in on the action and feel as if they are receiving something special.

Obtaining VIP status can be achieved in a number of different ways. In some venues, it is extended only by invite to those who maintain an active membership for an extended period of time. In others, individuals must only spend a certain amount of money in a predetermined amount of time. These days, it might even be that people can contact customer service agents and ask to become members. They may start out at a low tier and have to work themselves up the chain, but they often feel as if they are being treated like gold from day one. This benefits the player because he or she gets additional money, and it benefits the casino because it is able to maintain its customer base.